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GALIA BERNSTEIN Apart from the children's picture book work and magazine illustrations, Galia Bernstein has recently been creating a lot of non-fiction work.

Galia's style really suits this type of commission. Galia is able to work quite 'realistically' which is a necessary skill required when illustrating images for education and infographics, but at the same time, she keeps her distinctive and charming stamp on the look of the illustrations.

The stylisation of Galia's work is a perfect balance in providing detailed visual information and beautiful, interesting artwork. You can often find yourself mesmorised gazing at all the lovely details and intricacy of the drawings, which we all know, is perfect recipe for a good children's book. Galia draws directly in Photoshop using a tablet.

The samples shown are from one of series of 'How' books by Quarto, How the Body Works and from a series of large format sticker books published by Usborne on Shakespeare and Classical Music.


BEN HASLER Ben Hasler is always developing his illustration work.

Ben works solely in vectors and is known for his highly-detailed technical illustrations, figurative storyboards and his ever-popular airline information-card style images.

He now also works in this very colourful graphic flat colour style which is perfect for all sorts of applications where the illustration accompanies and supports an idea but doesn't overbear and upstage the main message.


MIA VALGREN Mia Valgren is an illustrator and fine artist whose work has been featured in international publications and media.

Based in southern Sweden, Mia divides her time between illustration commissions and self-initiated work. She uses several techniques to create her work. Thin pencil lines and coloured details meet the structure and patterns of everyday objects as well as animals and nature - images that depict an almost surreal world in which the finer details make all the difference.

Growing up in a family of artists and living in a small village where foxes and elks are running in her garden, really gets her inspiration flowing.