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Ben Hasler

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About Ben Hasler
Ben studied design at Maidstone, Kent. He worked as an in-house illustrator and story board artist at the ‘White Room’ the design studio for HHCL & Partners. He is an experienced freelance illustrator. He lived for some time in Brazil but is now back in the UK.

What Ben Hasler does…
Ben creates his work in Adobe Illustrator his slick vector lines and bright colours make his work versatile, modern, clear and attractive. He has developed his own style but can also replicate, when required, almost any other vector based style. He has a range of T-shirts with his designs and he also is a web designer. Ben’s style is versatile, and because of his experience a studio artist, he is quick, punctual and great at meeting tight deadlines.

Who Ben Hasler does it for…
Ben’s images have been used in a huge range of projects from packaging design, advertising projects, website design, book covers, children’s books, t-shirts and editorial illustration.

Some of Ben Hasler’s recent clients include …
Bloomsbury Publishing, Men’s Health Magazine, Oxford University Press UK/USA, The Daily Telegraph Newspaper, Rayban, Vodaphone, Homeserve, Risk Magazine, Honda, Viasat, Bradley Wiggins, Bud Light, Pearson Education and NB Illustration.

Check out the portraits Ben has done of us on our about us page, if you don’t already know what we look like!

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