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Clare Elsom

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About Clare Elsom
Clare studied a BA in Illustration at University College Falmouth and went on to Roehampton University were she completed an MA in Children’s Literature. She lives in the UK and has been represented by NB Illustration Agency where she also worked for a while as an illustrators agent. So she really know her stuff and has shown her expertise in the industry by guest lecturing and writing articles on both illustration practice and children’s literature, particularly specialising with research into contemporary picture-book artwork.

What Clare Elsom does…
Clare is a fantastic cartoon illustrator mainly working in children’s publishing as well as being an editorial illustrator. Clare draws energetic, quirky and charming artworks. Her illustrations are filled with patterns and textures which combine hand drawn and digital techniques. Her projects are frequently led by mischievous characters, displaying her talent for observing and capturing facial expressions, emotion and movement.

Who Clare Elsom does it for…
Clare works predominantly in children’s publishing but she also creates educational images, editorial illustrations and images for advertising projects. She has recently worked on the Flying Fergus series of books by Sir Chris Hoy and Joanna Nadin. She is best known for her work with popular teen author Anna Wilson, Phoenix Yards Arthur and Orchard Books Zak Zoo series. Clare has also worked with CBeebies, illustrated weekly columns in the Independent newspaper and is the artist behind Judy Murray’s nationwide Set4Sport campaign. Recently she has started to write her own children’s books in collaboration with Oxford University Press.

Some of Clare Elsom’s recent clients include…
Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, CBeebies, Egmont Children’s Books, The Energy Saving Trust, Franklin Watts, The Independent, Little Brown Books, Macmillan Children’s Books, NB Illustration Agency,  NSPCC, o2, Orchard Children’s Books, Oxford University Press, Pearson (Worldwide), Persil (Unilever UK Ltd), Phoenix Yard Books, Piccadilly Press, Random House, RBS, Saatchi, Scholastic US, Scholastic UK, Tesco, XIX Entertainment.

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