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Josy Bloggs

Josy Bloggs Biography

About Josy Bloggs
Based in Yorkshire, U.K. Josy began her initial career as a graphic designer. After graduating from the University of Huddersfield in 2009 with a MA in Spatial Design she went on to work as an interior designer for commercial clients.

What Josy Bloggs does…
Josy says it is her grounding in graphic and spatial design that has shaped and influenced her art style. She loves working with layout and colour to create impactful illustration and enjoys combining illustration with type and font selection, to create a balance between text and image. She describes herself as ‘living, eating, breathing, illustration’. Not obsessive at all then!To counterbalance this when she is not creating she likes to take her dog for long walks, or cycle in the Yorkshire countryside.

Some of Josy Blogg’s recent clients include…
AA Publishing, Arcturus Publishing, John Lewis, W H Smith, Waitrose.

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