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Olga Demidova

Olga Demidova Biography

About Olga Demidova
Olga was born and raised in Russia. She studied at the Moscow Art Institute of Applied Arts. Olga started work as an animator, but her tremendous passion for illustration changed the direction she works in. Now she works with publishers from all over the world and has published books and apps in Russia, Belarus, USA, mostly for children.

What Olga Demidova does…
Olga creates her beautiful children’s book illustrations in Adobe Photoshop. She enjoys using different textures in her work to create a handmade look to all her images.

Who Olga Demidova does it for…
Olga’s charming illustrations easily lend themselves to children’s publishing, luckily adults get to enjoy her work through her editorial illustrations and design projects as well as her animation and apps. Most recently Olga has been working on projects for Bloomsbury Publishing as well as Usborne Publishing. In 2020 she was awarded silver by the NY Society of Illustrators for Bernard Pepperlin published by Harper Collins Children’s Books in the USA.

Some of Olga Demidova’s recent clients include…
Bloomsbury, Cottage Door Press, iRevolution Ltd, NB Illustration Agency, Oxford University Press, Samsung Publishing Company, Usborne Books, We Are Interfaces AB

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